Spooky action at a distance…

On 12 November, 2015, in Fun, People, by admin

This blog post was written by Andrew Pontzen.

Come trick-or-treating at my house and you’ll be treated to little more than an icy stare.  In my book, the only good thing about Halloween is its ability to hold back the tidal wave of commercial Christmas tat that floods shops in November. Let’s face it, the most famous ghost of Hallowe’en is the mysterious apostrophe that died under suspicious circumstances in the 1990s, yet is still occasionally sighted floating through the word.

Most years, Early Universe @ UCL gang members can be found out on the streets of London, terrorising law-abiding citizens into giving up sweets, cakes and bubble universes. But with the departure of notorious enforcer Leistedt to the meaner streets of New York, this time the leadership has taken a softer stance and members have instead been carving out new niches in the traditional pumpkin competition.

Runner-up is Hiranya’s Einstein homage, which I like to think was carved using “spooky action at a distance”:

Runner up in Halloween pumpkin competition!

But the winner is newcomer Luisa Lucie-Smith with a Churchillian masterpiece:

Winner of Halloween pumpkin competition!

A last-minute appeal to the judges objected that carrots are contraband. The appeal has been denied.


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