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As usual, this time of year is a very busy one for EarlyUniverse @ UCL, with several departures and new arrivals! We bid a fond farewell to Dr Stephen Feeney, who moves to Imperial College London to work with Andrew Jaffe. Stephen’s thesis, titled “Novel Algorithms for Early Universe Cosmology”, won the Jon Darius Memorial Prize at UCL recently.

Stephen Feeney and Hiranya Peiris at Stephen’s PhD graduation.

We also say goodbye to Dr Jonny Frazer, who spent a short but highly productive time as a postdoc at UCL. Several exciting papers are in the pipeline from his time at UCL, and we will be blogging about this work in coming months. Jonny moves to the theory group at Bilbao, Spain, where he will be honing his kite-surfing skills inbetween doing physics!

Jason McEwen’s leaving do and new faculty position celebration.

Dr Jason McEwen has just moved as a Lecturer to our sister department, the Mullard Space Science Laboratory at UCL. Fortunately, he will still be blogging for us! We also welcome Dr Andrew Pontzen, a brand-new Lecturer at  UCL Physics and Astronomy. Last but not least, we are very excited to have three new postdocs on board: Drs Franz Elsner, Marc Manera, and Nina Roth, as well as new PhD student Daniela Saadeh. We are looking forward to their upcoming blog posts!

Halloween carvings.

Keeping up our tradition at this time of year, a few members of EarlyUniverse @ UCL got together for a Halloween pumpkin-carving party. Here is their handiwork!



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