Bubble collisions in the press

On 15 October, 2011, in Outreach, People, Press, by admin

Our work on searching for cosmic bubble collisions in the CMB has been spotlighted in the Physical Review’s Physics. It has also been featured by the BBC (which unfortunately went with a sensational title not supported by our results), the National Geographic, the American Museum of Natural History, among others.

Hiranya Peiris talks to FQXi about the possibility of testing the multiverse here.

In October Matt Johnson and Hiranya spent a very enjoyable hour talking with Ed Gerstner of Big Science FM about

How did the Universe begin? What made it expand from the size of a grapefruit to billions of lightyears across in a fraction of a second after the Big Bang? And why did it stop? And is ours the only Universe? 

You can listen to the podcast of our conversation here.


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