The cosmology conference LSS13 on “Theoretical Challenges for the Next Generation of Large-Scale Structure Surveys” took place in the beautiful city of Ascona in Switzerland between June 30 and July 5.  It brought together experts in the theory, simulation and data analysis of galaxy surveys for studying the large-scale structure of the universe.

Boris attended LSS13 and presented his work on cosmology with quasar surveys. Thanks to good preparation (and a lot of feedback from colleagues at UCL), Boris won the award for the best contribution/presentation from a young researcher! This award not only included a framed certificate, but also a T shirt and a small cash prize! The picture below captures this moment with the organisers of the conference, Professors Uros Seljak and Vincent Desjaques, in front of the sculpture that symbolises the Centro Stefano Franscini in Ascona.


Award Winner Leistedt_1

Boris and the conference organisers, Professors Uros Seljak (left) and Vincent Desjaques (right), posing in front of the conference center in Ascona.


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