Boris Leistedt

Boris Leistedt’s PhD thesis (“Accurate Cosmology with Galaxy and Quasar Surveys”) has been named runner-up for the Michael Penston Prize 2014, awarded for the best doctoral thesis in astronomy and astrophysics. Boris says:

“I am honoured to be the runner-up for the Michael Pentson Prize 2014. It took me by surprise given how competitive this prize is, but I am delighted to see that my thesis convinced the selection committee at the Royal Astronomical Society. I am also pleased to perpetuate a UCL tradition started by Stephen Feeney and Emma Chapman, who both did their PhD in the UCL cosmology group and were named runner-ups for the same prize in 2012 and 2013. Go UCL!”

Boris will be taking up a Junior Fellowship of the Simons Society at New York University in September 2015. We wish him all the best!


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