Release of the SDSS systematics templates

On 9 February, 2015, in Papers, Science, by admin

We are pleased to announce the release of the template maps used in Leistedt and Peiris (2014) and Leistedt, Peiris and Roth (2014). These maps result from projecting the properties of the SDSS photometric images (DR8-10) that are potential sources of systematics for galaxy and quasar clustering studies. An example is given below.

‘Score’ map assessing the spatial quality of the SDSS DR10 photometric data.


These quantities are all extracted from the FIELDS table in the SDSS database (collecting many useful properties of the SDSS images and fields), and projected using the Mangle software. The resulting maps, released as HEALPix maps at Nside=256 resolution, can be downloaded in the ‘code’ section of this website. If you make use of these maps, please cite the two papers below.

B. Leistedt, H. Peiris
Exploiting the full potential of photometric quasar surveys: Optimal power spectra through blind mitigation of systematics

B. Leistedt, H. Peiris, N. Roth
Constraints on primordial non-Gaussianity from 800,000 photometric quasars


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