We are delighted to report that Boris Leistedt has been awarded the NASA Einstein Fellowship!


Boris left to take up a Simons Fellowship at New York University last year but remains a long term visiting fellow to the Early Universe group at UCL.

Boris says,

“I am thrilled to have been awarded a NASA Einstein fellowship, which will allow me to stay at New York University for three more years and realise an ambitious research programme in optimal conditions. I plan to take advantage of the stability and freedom offered by this fellowship to search for imprints of primordial physics in the large scale structure of the universe and also develop statistically accurate ways to test detailed models of galaxies and quasars using the large data sets that are or will be available in the next decade. In particular, I’d like to draw more connections between the various types of experiments, such as imaging surveys (DES, LSST), spectroscopic surveys (eBOSS, DESI) and others (SphereX, WFIRST). Given UCL’s involvement in these projects and the expertise of the Early Universe group, I will continue to visit London on a regular basis and be part of exciting collaborative projects.”





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