The summer has brought some well-deserved recognition for researchers!

Nina Roth received the best poster prize at a major summer symposium held at the European Southern Observatory headquarters in Garching, Germany, titled “Theoretical and Observational Progress on Large-scale Structure of the Universe”.

Nina says,

I really enjoyed the conference and my collaborators and I are honored by the recognition for our project. The selection committee certainly had a tough decision to make when choosing between ~60 excellent posters. I was especially delighted to receive an ESO shirt as part of the prize, because I collect university-themed clothing!

Daniela Saadeh has received the 2015 Physics of the Dark Universe Award at the conference “From Inflation to Galaxies: a workshop in honor of Sabino Matarrese”, which came accompanied by a fun giant cheque!

Daniela big cheque and certificate

Daniela says,

The conference was a very friendly place for a young person to speak and I could give free rein to my enthusiasm and excitement. There were very good talks, so I feel honoured and extremely happy about this award, especially because it comes after a lot of hard work!

Meanwhile Boris Leistedt, whose thesis previously won a prize from the Royal Astronomical Society, has been given a nice parting present from UCL as he begins his new position as a Simons Fellow at New York University. He has been jointly awarded the Jon Darius Memorial Prize for 2014/15, for Outstanding Postgraduate Research in Astrophysics.


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